Operation type during the current or last indexing.

Namespace: Karamasoft.WebControls.UltimateSearch
Assembly: UltimateSearch (in UltimateSearch.dll) Version: 3.7.4186.26690


public enum OperationType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration OperationType
Visual C++
public enum class OperationType


Member nameValueDescription
None0 No index operation.
IndexFull1 Index full operation.
IndexIncremental2 Index incremental operation.
LoadCopiedIndex3 Load copied index operation.
AddUrls4 Add to index by crawling operation.
AddContent5 Add to index with content operation.
RemoveUrls6 Remove urls operation.
DeleteIndex7 Delete index operation.
StopIndexing8 Stop indexing operation.
CancelIndexing9 Cancel indexing operation.
DisplayIndexedPages10 Display indexed pages operation.
DisplayIndexedWords11 Display indexed words operation.
SpellCheckIndexedPages12 Spell check indexed pages operation.
SpellCheckIndexedWords13 Spell check indexed words operation.

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