Sets the language to use for button titles and dropdown items.

Namespace: Karamasoft.Html.UltimateEditorMVC
Assembly: UltimateEditorMVC (in UltimateEditorMVC.dll) Version: 1.0.4361.35130 (


public UltimateEditorCreator Language(
	string value
Visual Basic
Public Function Language ( _
	value As String _
) As UltimateEditorCreator
Visual C++
UltimateEditorCreator^ Language(
	String^ value


Type: System..::..String
Language to use for the editor. Language files for English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian are already provided. However, you can set it to any language of your choice. The default value is English.

Return Value

UltimateEditorCreator object.


It uses the language XML file under the ~/UltimateEditorInclude/Languages directory based on your selection. You can add your own language by creating a new XML file like MyLanguage.xml under ~/UltimateEditorInclude/Languages and by passing MyLanguage to this method.

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