Sets a value that indicates whether the language is automatically detected on the client machine from browser settings.

Namespace: Karamasoft.Html.UltimateEditorMVC
Assembly: UltimateEditorMVC (in UltimateEditorMVC.dll) Version: 1.0.4361.35130 (


public UltimateEditorCreator AutoDetectLanguage(
	bool value
Visual Basic
Public Function AutoDetectLanguage ( _
	value As Boolean _
) As UltimateEditorCreator
Visual C++
UltimateEditorCreator^ AutoDetectLanguage(
	bool value


Type: System..::..Boolean
true if the language is automatically detected; otherwise, false. The default value is false.

Return Value

UltimateEditorCreator object.


Use this method to automatically detect the language on the client machine. If you want to set the Language to a specific language you should pass false to this method, and use the Language method. Note that if the detected language is English, German, Spanish, French or Italian it will set the language to automatically. Otherwise it will use the language set by the Language method.

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