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   UltimateCalendar Release History

UltimateCalendar 1.2 - 11/03/2008

Side-by-side Installation: Install ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5 editions side-by-side on the same machine, and work with all of them in parallel.

UltimateCalendar 1.1 - 01/08/2007

SelectedDate: You can use the new SelectedDate property of UltimateDatePicker to get/set the selected date in DateTime type.

DatePicker: You can type a date in the specified date format and when you open the calendar it will display the entered date.

DateFormat: DateFormat is changed to use the standard "M" for "Month" instead of "m" that is used for "minute". Update your code if you're upgrading.

AJAX Enabled: Supports UltimateAjax and ASP.NET AJAX.

UltimateCalendar 1.0 - 01/15/2006

Initial release.